Family Makes a Heart Glad

In 1999, Andrew and I moved 1300 miles away from family and friends. In 2001, we moved 2200 miles from my hometown to the south. Overall it has been a wonderful place to live, but I do miss my family. So when they text and say they are coming to visit in a few days, I get very excited!

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Broken Bones, Loose Teeth and Precious Babies

Sorry I have been so quiet on here lately. It is not because I don't think about blogging or that I don't have enough content to type plenty of posts. It all comes down to setting aside time to sit down at the computer and actually do it!

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Celebrating 50 Years of God's Goodness!

John and Anne Redman 50 years of marriage

Today is a fantastic day of celebration! Why? Well simply put John and Anne Redman celebrate a wonderful 50 years of marriage on this historic October 23rd, 2015.  Not many marriages make it these days, so what a real joy to know that the Lord has been so good to my parents to bless them with this particular treasure.

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Motorcycle Accident, ER and Recovery

Monday night as I returned from picking up our co-op order, I arrived home in time to feed the big boys and send them off to the fire department for training night. One of the guy's friends, K stopped in to ride over to the station, but Jordan and Josiah were not home from town yet. A while later Jordan drove up in the van without Josiah. Josiah was riding his new motorcycle and had taken a different route home. 

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Potty Training...Again

This last week Jubilee told me she wanted some panties with butterflies on them. She said if I bought them she would use the potty. Being a new two year old, I was optimistically cautious.

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Andy and Carrie Redman