AT&T and the Ever Failing Internet

I hate to complain on Our Full House. In fact I am not a fan of complaining at all. Over the years I have taught our children the little song, "Do Everything Without Complaining" by Steve Green. 

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Tea Party At Grandma's House

When my in-laws moved to Georgia, the little girls wanted grandma to plan a tea party. Grandma, being from Scotland, was happy to host a tea party for the girls. Once my in-laws were settled in their home they sent the three little girls an invitation in the mail. 

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The Best Hairbrush I Have Ever Owned!

Korpu and Abigail have very tangly hair. Abigail's hair is much like mine, thinner tight curls and hard to brush. Korpu on the other hand has Liberian hair which is incredibly tight curls and very, very thick. Both are hard to brush and frequently cause tears.

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Why I am Glad I Had Children Early in Marriage

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By now you have heard that Jill Duggar, the fourth of the Duggar's 19 Kids and Counting, if pregnant with her first child just a month after getting married. In our circle of friends this is not uncommon, as many families desire to "be fruitful and multiply". My grandmother was married at 18, my mother was married at 18 and I was married even younger, with our first baby coming in the first year of marriage. Would I do it again? 

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Andy and Carrie Redman