Graduating But Still Working Hard

Summer is keeping us busy here in North Georgia. Growing up I worked at my aunt and uncles towing business and learned about dispatching. That was better than a college education for a mom of 14 children...sometimes going in 14 directions! So what excitement is happening in the Redman household? 

Yesterday I talked with my mom on the phone. She always asks, "So what have you been up to?" To which I reply,"oh I don't know, let me check the calendar!" 

We have been busy with our Azure Standard Co-op, planning our schooling for next year, butchering chickens, work, play, church, moving family closer to us, birthday planning, volunteering in the community, playing games, reading lots of books and having fun!

Playing games this summer

My older boys are all working and finishing their studies. I am one week away from having three homeschool graduates! When we started homeschooling years ago with our little aBeka curriculum, I never imagined that I would be sitting here telling you those little guys had graduated. It is so hard to believe. Time passes so quickly. 

July 2002

Jonathan is finishing his IT studies and will be pursuing a job in the computer industry. He has studied and done an excellent job. He is also an avid reader of history.

Over the years I have worked hard to instill a love of learning in my children and an independence in study. I have learned in having a large family that I cannot teach like a typical public school classroom, nor would I want to. I want my children to be self-motivated in learning.

When they are young I do lots of one-on-one work with them, teaching them to read. As they get a little older they begin to be responsible for their own studies and work more independently. By the time they are in junior high, at the latest, they should be able to accomplish most of their work on their own. This has helped them as adults to learn far beyond the knowledge that I can teach them.  

July Fireworks Fun!

Of course I am always here to help with those tough math lessons or to encourage in handwriting, but most of the time I am here to listen as they share what they are reading and learning. I have learned about wars, animals keeping, computers, firefighting, guns, music, sports, dinosaurs, fashion, history, cars and more without ever reading a book myself!

Jordan is finishing his high school studies this next week and will be testing for the fire department. He is also working about 40 hours a week in town. He is excited to see his bank account grow and we are excited to see him doing so well in the business world.

Josiah has been praying about a job for sometime and the Lord brought just the right position at just the right time. He is working for a woodworker building all kinds of custom projects from buildings to hope chests. He even worked on our new dining room table...which I will post pictures of soon. Here is one of the buildings they are making for a customer. 

Josiah's Woodworking

Josiah is also leading the family in the honeybee venture. Our bees are producing amazing honey. Josiah is getting ready to enter his honey in the local fair. Yesterday he took Andrew, Rebekah and Noah to visit a new local processing facility. The farmer they met with has over 1,700 hives and produces honey for Walmart and Kroger all over Georgia, North and South Carolina and Alabama. 

Josiah and Titus bee-keeping

Rachel has been busy with her music again. She is preparing to take her harp to teach the children in our area about music. She is also reading, studying and keeping amazingly busy. Today she is volunteering at the Food Bank and then stopping in at the animal shelter to help walk the dogs and cats with Rebekah and Jonathan. 

Titus eating his snack

We are gearing up for birthday season around here and I will be sure to post some pictures of our fun adventures...we have some fun things planned!

Andy and Carrie Redman