New Website on Our Full House

Our Full House has a new look.

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog for the past few weeks. Our internet service has been down due to a lightening strike. In our family it's a real challenge when the internet isn't working well. A few days Andrew and Jon had to go into town to McDonalds, Ingles or the coffee shop to find service so that they could work.

On a few occasions I thought about joining them, but to be honest by time I make it to McDonalds with my laptop and the two little ones...well we just decided to have an ice cream and watch daddy work instead!

Jubilee watching daddy working

Daddy working from McDonalds

My website it not the only one with a new look. Titus went with Daddy to get a haircut this last week and sat in the big boy chair all by himself. He has been getting a haircut for some time at the Sports Clips in town, but usually sits on mommy's lap. He is growing up so quickly! 

Titus getting a haircut

Titus getting a haircut at Sports Clips


Andy and Carrie Redman