Somedays Are Made For Relaxing

Some days I just need to relax and enjoy time with my family. Because hubby has been traveling a good bit with work lately, we enjoyed a day of rest and fun at home.

Daddy and Solomon

Since Solomon was born four weeks ago, I have been trying to balance life with a newborn and a busy household of 18. The first week I completely rested. The older girls and hubby ran the house. They did the cooking, cleaning and kept up with the younger ones.

Girl's blanket fort

After the babymoon week, hubby headed back to work and I have eased back into life. Meals, general tidy up and limited running around town for the past few weeks has helped me heal quickly and enjoy every minute I can with Solomon. Solomon is a very quiet, peaceful baby. He rarely cries and is a great sleeper!

Sleeping Solomon

On Thursday afternoon the older girls and I took the younger ones to the lake. Solomon had a chiropractor appointment and then we headed to enjoy the beautiful day. Solomon and I enjoyed sitting under the pavilion while the older girls took the kids swimming. We finished the afternoon with an ice cream from McDonald's before we headed home.

Titus pushing the stroller

Beka and Sadie at the beach



Andy and Carrie Redman