Remembering WWII in Tennessee

Over the weekend our family traveled to Linden, Tennessee to participate in the Remembering World War II Reenactment. This is our third year and truly our favorite. 


Jonathan on security duty

Early Friday morning four of the older children headed on the road. Jonathan and Jordan were on the security team, Rachel was a co-leader over the information team and Rebekah was on the info team. 

Info Girls

They arrived in time for team meetings, set up and even a little time for fellowship before the weekend began. 

Jubilee and Micah are little travel buddies

The younger children and I packed up and left around lunch time on Friday. We had lots of driving, singing and enjoying our our trip. We arrived in time to eat dinner, visit the reenactment town and get settled for a good nights sleep before all the fun began. 

Hotel fun in Tennessee

On a side note, it is good that I pulled everyone's reenactment clothes out when we got to the hotel because one little boy may have dripped his chocolate shake on his sister's dress. Okay it may also have been a little more than a drip. Hand washing in the hotel and then using the hairdryer, I was able to save the day! 

Eden's reenactment dress drying from chocolate shake stains

Saturday morning began early...thanks to a few little ones...who will remain nameless. We didn't have to be in Linden until 9 am, but a few children were up by 5:30! Oh well, who needs sleep anyway. 

The day of the reenactment finally arrived after months of planning and the children were so excited. James, BJ, Noah and Gideon had a meeting for the Newspaper Boys at 9 am and began selling papers to the crowds around 9:30. 

Redman kids Remembering WWII

The first battle was at 10:00. The German reenactors won the first battle and their flag was hanging from the front of the courthouse. Tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and a dukw gave rides, fought in the battles and made every little boy point and stare. 

WWII Veterans

It was very hot at as we sat outside watching the parade of veterans, two reenactments, various veteran's speaking, music and more. 

Military Vehicles

Most of the day I only had the six little ones with me. We ate yummy food, talked with friends and visited with many of the WWII veterans. These are men who at a young age went to war fighting for our freedom, leaving their family and friends behind. One veteran shared with me how he wished there were more men willing to stand up for freedom today like they did in 1941. Oh how I agree! 

Eden volunteering as a Rose Girl

Saturday wrapped up with a fun evening of dinner, USO style music and an amazing fireworks show. 

After a good nights sleep we enjoyed church and headed home. By the time we left, the children are I were very tired and looking forward to getting home. After a few potty stops, we finally made it into Georgia again. James saw a Panda Express at one exit, but we had already passed the ramp so we decided to get off the at the next exit. 

As we got off the freeway the kids saw another Panda Express and we decided to pull in and eat. By this time the kids have been in the car for 3-4 hours and the littles are ready to stretch their legs and move. I sit all the kids at a table and James and I go to order. The children were not misbehaving, but they were also not quiet as a church mouse if you know what I mean. 

James helped bring the food to the table and other boys helped fill drinks. We got everyone situated, prayed and began to eat. Micah was hungry, so in order to take a bite here and there I *may have* fed him a chocolate chip cookie with his rice and meat. Okay so no mother of the year award here, but we all ate, laughed and were refreshed and ready to get back on the road for a couple more hours to home. 

Panda Express Blessing

Before we finished eating a family at the table next to us with three teenage children, got up to leave. As they walked out the mother handed me a napkin that was all folded up. After they left I opened the napkin and in it was a sweet note and a $100 bill. 

Here I was concerned about my children being loud or squirming in their seats, feeling outnumbered by the ten children and me, but the Lord used our family to bless another family...who in turn was a blessing to us! God is so good! 


Andy and Carrie Redman