We Take Learning on the Road

Tonight I sat at Starbucks chatting with two homeschooling moms. Both moms were public school teachers who gave up teaching in the school system when they had children. They wanted to invest time and energy into their own children's education on a daily basis, but more importantly they wanted teach their children that every area of life matters to God...not only matters but He created math, language, science, history, geography!

Abigail building with cups

This is the 21st year I have formally taught our children at home. This will also mark the year my fifth child graduates....11 more children to go and about 18 more years of teaching. I am so thankful the Lord has allowed me to guide my children as they learn. 

Donut fun at Krispy Kreme

I am so thankful to be able to start the day with Bible study, Scripture memory and prayer. I am also glad I can teach my children about life. We talk about current events, what we learned in church, school work as well as what we experience in daily life...all from a Biblical perspective. 

Crafts at the Nascar Museum

Last week we spent the day at the Nascar Hall of Fame Museum in Charlotte. The children and I had a great time learning about the science and history of racing. Even a fun family trip can be an opportunity to learn. 

Science lessons at the Nascar Museum


Andy and Carrie Redman