So Are You Having Any More Babies

Micah turned one year old last month and now the questions begin...when are you having another one?

This question used to bother me, at least when it came from strangers. I mean who goes around asking people when are you going to get pregnant again? I think most people are just curious, although I have had a few people lecture me over the years about population control. 

As I have gotten older, I realize that someday I will no longer be able to answer that question with, "Yes, we sure hope so!" 

Micah and his oreo cookie

Why Do You Have So Many Children

You would probably be surprised at how often we are asked this question. Often people point and count, usually just loud enough for us to hear. Sometimes older people will come up to tell us how they are one of 10, 12 or even 15 children. 

So why do we have so many children? Well that is simple. God tells us children are a blessing and we should desire to have children! Why would we want to refuse those blessings. 

Today our culture chases after large houses, fancy cars, scads of money and the newest gadgets on the market. We as Christians should be chasing after what God tells us is the real reward, with eternal importance...children. 

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Doesn't It Cost $235,000 To Raise a Child

Children are expensive, there is no doubt about it. But with that said children don't need a smartphone at the age of 9, a new car at 16 or every new toy they see advertised on TV. We are teaching our children to chase those same things we are chasing as adults. 

Of course this doesn't mean we don't desire to bless our children as the Lord continues to bless us. 

When we were first married almost 25 years ago we made a meager wage. We lived in an apartment, ate lots of spaghetti (it was cheap and I knew how to make it:), and drove an old car. We didn't always own two vehicles, go on fancy vacations or have a fancy home. 

As we continued to trust the Lord to bless us with children, He continued to provide. There have been times when we struggled, doubted and failed, but He was always faithful to care for us. 

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Don't You Want To Retire and Live the Easy Life

Many years ago my husband met a couple that were becoming elderly. They were lonely! They had no one to care for them; no one to come visit. They had no next generation to leave a legacy for. 

That old couple made a huge impact on us. As a very young couple we realized that we didn't want to be live life acquiring things for ourselves, only to be all alone in the end. We want to enjoy our children and grandchildren (someday) as we watch them grow. Of course their will be a time when we cannot care for ourselves, but think how much less of a burden we will be to our children when there is a large extended family to care for us. 

We will likely be in our 60's or more when our youngest are out of the home, but our children keep us young. Most of my friends haven't had a baby in their home for 20+ years when their grandchildren came along. I will likely still be changing my children's diapers when my grandchildren come along. 

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So Are You Having Any More Babies

The simple answer is, "I hope so, but we trust the Lord as He knows what is best!" 

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