From the Peach State

Georgia is known as The Peach State. It is our nickname, our official state fruit, hey even our state healthcare is named after the peach. What you may not have known is that we are actually the third state in numbers of peaches grown in the US. California and South Carolina produce far more peaches than we do. Maybe our peaches are just the tastiest. 

Last week Rebekah and I took a day and drove to south Georgia to pick up a truckload of peaches from Pearson Farms. 

Not only did we have a great time talking and laughing on our trip...we can home with 55 boxes of peaches. 

55 boxes of peaches

On the way home we dropped off 45 boxes for our co-op group.

Over the next few days we canned, froze and ate peaches. Rebekah even made peach cheesecake for the fire department. 

Pearson Farm peach ice cream

The peaches we purchased from Pearson were absolutely delicious. They chose to minimally (if any) spray for bugs, which is important for my children because the pesticides cause some of my little ones to break out in a terrible rash.  

We will be enjoying peaches for long after the trees stop producing this year! 

Micah in his glasses

Andy and Carrie Redman