Birthday Parties, the ER and Missing Shoes

As I sit here at the dentist office for two days in a row...15 appointments take two days at the dentist...I am enjoying just sitting for a few.

Anyone who knows me, knows I dislike...okay maybe hate is not too strong of a word here...missing shoes. As a mom it drives me nuts when we get ready to go somewhere and one person holds up the whole family due to a missing shoe. This morning it was Titus and the missing shoe! 

 Jubilee at the fireworks

The good news is we found his shoe and made it to the dentist just in time. My kids all love our dentist. We go to the dentist every six months for a cleaning and check up. This week Jubilee received her first full cleaning and she did great! 

Micah's birthday party

July is a busy month in our household. We have seven birthdays in twenty days! Add to that dentist appointments, therapy, travel, work, school planning and everyday life and things are a little crazy.

Micah's birthday cake

Micah celebrated his first birthday this month and was as cute as ever as he ate his chocolate puppy cake...all by himself! 

Josiah at the ER for his shoulder

Sunday night as I was preparing for bed, Josiah's came to say he was really hurting. His shoulder had been hurting off and on for some time, but by Sunday evening he was in a lot of pain. I quickly got ready, all the little ones were already in bed, and Josiah and I I headed to the emergency room. After the doctor examined his shoulder and took a set of x-rays, he was diagnosed with possible torn rotator cuff and referred to an orthopedist. Orthopedist??? We have been seeing the orthopedist...well three orthopedists...since October when he had his accident. 




Andy and Carrie Redman