That Crazy Lady is Buying All the Groceries!

Last week I decided to take Micah and Jubilee and head to the grocery store. On the way we dropped Rachel off at the crisis pregnancy center where she volunteers.

When I arrived at the grocery store I got both of the little ones into a buggy and headed out with a shopping list in hand.

As soon as we started shopping Jubilee asked for a cookie from the bakery. She knows we always get a cookie in the bakery when we shop...bribery...maybe...but I am okay with it:)

Into the produce section first. Apples, carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, brussel sprouts, celery, peaches, plums, pears, green beans, peppers, tomatoes... By the time I finished in the produce section I quickly realized I would likely not be able to fit everything in the buggy.

Next I took the Jubilee and Micah to get a cookie from the bakery. The lady gave each of them a sugar cookie and off we went.

Well the cookie lasted through the canned goods and then they were asking for another one. By now I realized that I really needed the baby carrier to make more room.

Mistake number one...should have taken the Ergo baby carrier.

We continued to shop...meat department, seafood, dairy...

By this time I realized that my buggy was completely full...I mean overflowing. I took Jubilee out of the buggy first. She rode on the end of the buggy. I then ran out of room and had to carry Micah, while pushing a buggy that weighed just shy of a ton!

Mistake number two...should have brought a middle child that was capable of pushing a second buggy.

As I checked off the items on my list I looked forward to getting to the frozen section. My mom taught me to always finish with the frozen section before checking out.

Well I finally made it to the frozen section, of course there really was no room to fit anything else in the buggy, but we just piled it higher and made a run for the checkout.

When we arrived at the checkout counter the cashier commented on what a thorough shopping we had done. I made sure to let her know that it was groceries to feed a small army for the week. Of course she had to ask how big is your army...17 I replied! 17??? You have 15 kids?

And it all went downhill from there. We had to chat for the next 10 minutes about another family in our town that has 12...11 boys and 1 girl. He is a doctor and I definitely need to meet him.

After our lovely chat...all the while I am thinking maybe I should have gotten all three of us another cookie...we headed to the van...with two buggies full.

I loaded the toddlers in the van and handed Jubilee a squeezie applesauce to feed Micah while I loaded enough food to fill a small grocery store.

By the time the groceries were loaded and we were all buckled up, I turned to see Micah was already sleeping.

So when I hear young moms talking about taking their toddlers grocery shopping and oh the challenge, I just have to wonder if they were able to buy $450 worth of groceries in one buggy with two toddlers in tow! :)

 Mom and littles going to the grocery store

We Survived the Grocery Store!

Andy and Carrie Redman