What To Do With 10 Kids on a Hot Day

It has been very warm in Georgia over the last couple weeks. Summertime is in full swing! 

Last week we took a morning and went into town and walked through Toys R Us. Now, for some that might not mean much, but for a mother of 10 kids 14 and under it can be a big outing. 

Micah in a Cadillac

Titus driving a Dodge Truck

We had two rules. 

1. We are not buying anything....I broke the rule by purchasing suckers for everyone to eat on the way home. 

2. Everyone gets to look at whatever they want to . 

We spent over 2 hours in the store, walked every aisle, looked at everything from dolls to dress up and legos to army guys. We even sat on the battery operated vehicles! I do draw the line at riding bicycles around the store. 

The kids were all well behaved, we had a great time together talking and dreaming about toys and we will definitely be doing this outing again soon...but not too soon! 

Abigail and Eden with Snoopy

Jubilee sitting at Toys R Us

What kinds of things do you like doing with your children on those hot days? 



Andy and Carrie Redman