Do Your Kids Get Along

This is a question I received recently from an older mom with five children, as she shared that each of her children are so different they have a hard time relating to each other.


I asked my older children how they would reply. It was a surprising question to them. Of course they have friends and acquaintances with broken families and strained relationships that need the Lord, but this family was different. They were a homeschool family who is together much of the time, they seem to get along from the outside.

Let me just preface what I am going to say with children are not perfect, nor are their parents, but we strive to love each other the way Christ loves us.

Abigail and Korpu

From the very beginning my children have been each others best friends. The oldest five call themselves the "Invincible Five". They are a team.

Two of my sons are firefighters and in the fire service there is a saying "leave no man behind".  We use this in our family as well. We have each others backs.

Jon, Jordan and Josiah

But how do you build relationships like this? When my older ones were little they played with each other...everyday! They learned to get along with different personalities and how to settle differences. Today they still hang out together, even after 20 years.

There will always be personalities that mesh better then others, but we continue learn from each other and work toward being a unified team.

working together

Just like any relationship...invest time with the Lord and with each other and the relationship will grow!



Andy and Carrie Redman