Teenagers and Chores

I recently read a thread on Facebook about whether teenagers should have chores in the home. I was astonished to find mom after mom reply saying their children don't do chores for one reason or another.

Some of the moms said they feel it is their duty to do the housework because they are stay at home moms.

Other moms responded along the lines of wishing they could get their teenagers to help, but to no avail.

Many teenagers responded saying they feel their schedule is busy enough with school work, working part-time jobs, sports, music, church and more.

James and the lawn mower

Each family must come to their own conclusion as to what is important in the training process, but in our home everyone contributes.

Call it chores, duties or just training for the future...we expect everyone in our home to do some bit of work.

Josiah with the new calf

In our home we have morning chores and evening chores for all of the children 15 and under. Sweeping, clearing the table, tidy up, cleaning bathrooms (has to be done daily in a family of 17), laundry to the laundry room, take out the trash, put toilet paper in the bathrooms, etc. These jobs are taken care of by the younger crowd.

Jon moving hay

Titus and Jubilee are 4 and 2 and they have the job of making sure each bathroom has three spare rolls of toilet paper. We keep the case (yes, I buy toilet paper by the case from Amazon) in the basement. The two little ones take a bag to the basement each morning and collect up toilet paper then deliver it to each of the five bathrooms.

We don't rotate chores very often because I like the children to become very proficient with their job so that I don't have frequently reteach. Once everyone is doing a great job, on a daily basis, we rotate to perfect a new job.

Noah helping prepare food

The older girls (23, 16) keep their own room and bathroom clean, do their own laundry, help with laundry, running the home, dishes and cooking. I have seen ladies much older that are not nearly as proficient at running a home. When they marry they will be well prepared.

The older boys work full time outside the home and on the farm, but still keep up with their own rooms, laundry, help with vehicle maintenance, farm work and will cook a meal here and there.

Titus mowing the lawn

Of course our family is larger than most, and just sweeping the floors is a full time job. In our home we work as a team, whether we are taking care of animals, keeping the house tidy, feeding the masses or just trying to keep shoes lined up! Each of my children not only know how to work hard, but they do it in order to keep things going. One thing I know for sure, when my children have their own home and family, they will know how to clean, cook, do laundry, keep up the vehicles and more.

Jordan painting the fence

Andy and Carrie Redman