How Do You Keep On Track

Life is busy no matter how large your family is, but having 15 children living at home ages 23 to 8 months means life can be very crazy most days.


Jubilee Faith

On any given week my calendar is full of:


  • 1 High School
  • 1 Middle School
  • 4 Elementary
  • 2 Kindergarten
  • 2 Preschool


  • 1 Orthodontist
  • 1 Speech Therapy
  • 1 Occupational Therapy

Adult Schedules:

  • 1 Works from home and travels
  • 1 Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster kids, homeschools 10 kids
  • 1 Works at the Pregnancy Center 1 day a week
  • 1 Works full time in town with an ever changing schedule
  • 1 Works two jobs in town, a side business at home as well as the local fire department
  • 1 Runs our small farm, helps with home business as well as the fire department

Weekly Activities :

  • Park Day with friends
  • 3 Toddlers go to library day
  • Occasional big kids game night or volleyball with friends
  • Dad and Mom date night

Farm Critters:

  • 1 Milk Cow
  • 2 Breeder Pigs
  • 11 Piglets
  • 1 Herding Dog
  • 1 Guinea Pig
  • 45 Chickens

I find a calendar is essential in keeping all of us organized. I keep a master calendar in the kitchen and I also keep my calendar on my phone. Each night I check the calendar for the next day and plan out who goes where and with what vehicle.

I also keep 3 X 5 cards for making lists (grocery, to do, reminders, etc).

How do you keep your family on track?


Andy and Carrie Redman