Reading Buddy to the Rescue

If you have homeschooled for any length of time you have probably been met with many questions from family, friends and even well meaning people in the community. Questions ranging from socialization to how do you possibly teach that many kids. There are also well meaning people are a little more familiar with homeschooling but assume that all homeschooled children are grade levels ahead in every subject and never struggle. 

 Heading to the library for reading day

Each of my children have areas in their schooling that they are good at and areas that are a struggle. Some of my children just love math and some need extra practice. Over the years I have had a couple children that have struggled with reading. 

Reading is so important because it is the foundation. Once they are able to read the adventure begins.

I recently found a product that helps with reading, especially for those that need a little encouragement. With five elementary students that need to be reading out loud each day, I find it hard to fit in 20-30 minutes of reading per child and also help with all the other subjects; until I found Reading Buddy. 

Noah reading with Reading Buddy

Reading Buddy is a computer based program that listens to the children read stories and gently corrects them and helps them with words they do not know. 

Each child picks a story to read from a library of over 400 books. The child then reads the book into the microphone. The advanced human-calibrated Responsive Speech Recognition technology monitors the child's reading.  The Fluency Scoring Radar assesses the pronunciation and triggers visual clues to help the child self correct.

In a nutshell, Reading Buddy does exactly what I as a parent would do if I was sitting there listening to them read.

The reward system makes reading exciting! I don't know about you, but my children are VERY motivated by prizes. I set up rewards to include slushies, day out window shopping (at their choice of stores) with mom, and mini golf with mom and dad. The children are working hard to finish their lessons and earn points for rewards.

I will be sharing more about Reading Buddy as we continue through the program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and check out their website at Reading Buddy.

Andy and Carrie Redman