Spring Is Here...Well Sort Of

Yesterday was the first day of spring and thought it is still a little cool outside, we know it is spring because it is also Eden's birthday and she reminds us that her birthday is on the first day of spring. Spring time in Georgia is one of my favorites, well except for the allergies and mosquitoes.

Eden Hope's 6th Birthday

Spring time also means baby animals on the farm. This morning started off with 12 new little piglets! Peggy Sue and her little piglets are doing great. The children are calling them things like bacon, sausage, pork chop, etc. 

Peggy Sue and Piglets

Peaches is doing great at providing us with milk. She has a very funny personality. She likes to moo when you leave the pasture. I think she is trying to call us back. She also likes to stick her tongue out and wag it back and forth. She is very sweet and gets along great with the Rebekah's dog Sadie and also the pigs. 

Peaches Selfie




Andy and Carrie Redman