Remembering Our Chicken Farming Days

Many years ago we owned a commercial chicken farm. I could tell you many stories about raising 125,000 chickens at one time, but I will save that for another day. Our homeschool group recently went on a field trip to the Georgia State Poultry Lab. 

 Let me just say, this was the best field trip I think we have been on in many years. Not only did we learn a lot of information about the poultry industry and poultry diseases, but we learned about bacteria and antibodies. We learned that the main threat to consumers is salmonella carried through eggs and chicken. 

Gideon making a bacteria model

Noah making a bacteria model

The boys each made play dough models of bacteria. 

Bacteria model

We also dissected a fertilized egg to learn about how the Georgia Poultry lab studies eggs for diseases, vaccinates chickens and candles eggs.  

Josiah at GSPL

Chicken Lab Field Trip



Andy and Carrie Redman