Therapy, Braces and a Cute Baby

This week started off with a trip to the orthodontist. Actually truth be told last week ended with a trip to the same office times four! Monday James started his adventure in orthodontics with a shiny set of top braces; complete with red rubber bands! It is hard to believe that he is 14 1/2 years old and the same height that I am.

James is missing a couple permanent teeth, so we are working to close a few gaps in his teeth and hopefully align his bite.

James in braces

Last week Korpu had an appointment with the pediatrician. She is growing so tall, it is hard to imagine that she was a malnourished child who could not walk because her legs were so thin and weak they could not support her. We are thankful to be receiving some therapy help her.

Korpu appointment

As I was speaking with a friend this last week I shared how much we take for granted here in America. Simple things like reading to our children. When BJ and Korpu first came home they did not like to sit and listen to stories. They would zone out quickly and become fidgety. We continued to read out loud and now they have learned to enjoy it much more.

This week I attended an Usbourne book party. I ordered a new animal vet series and we are all looking forward to reading them together. I also picked out some fun new books for Micah, Jubilee and Titus!

Micah attending appointments in his stroller


Andy and Carrie Redman