Old McRedman Had a Farm

People often ask my hubby and I if we grew up in large families or if we always wanted to have a lot of children. Each of us have one brother and while I have always wanted a large family, neither of us envisioned we would have a mega family of 15 children...not in our wildest dreams!

I don't think either of us ever envisioned living on a farm either. I was raised in the suburbs. I had dogs and cats, an occasional bunny or wounded bird, but the closest farm animals were the dairy cows that lived in a pasture behind our fence. 

James and Gideon helping with hay

When we moved to Georgia in 2001 we told the realtor we wanted acreage. She showed us many beautiful houses in the city; lovely homes, but they weren't what we wanted. Eventually we found a small farm in the country and Heritage Family Farm began to grow. Over the years we have raised goats (small dairy), sheep, a horse, beef and dairy cows, chickens (commercial and small farm), pigs, and a wide range of house pets. 

While we have owned around 50 dairy goats, milked daily, we have never owned a dairy cow (heifer) in milk. This last week hubby and I purchased a jersey cow! Peaches was delivered on Sunday and everyone is so very excited. 

James and Jon helping with hay

Josiah and Rebekah have been working with the younger boys to ready to pasture, the pen and the fences. Our breeding pair of pigs, Spot and Peggy Sue are doing well. Peggy is growing quickly and will be having piglets in the next month or so. 

We are working on obtaining our non-GMO certification as well as our egg handling license. Our chickens are currently laying over 30 eggs a day. The kids love omelets for breakfast. Everyone picks their ingredients and James and BJ cook them up. 

Peaches the Cow

While there are days when I would love a tidy home with no muddy boots on my floor, no chickens scratching in my flower beds and smell of fresh manure outside, I am very thankful that the Lord has given our family a small and growing farm. We are able to feed our family, teach our children discipline and hard work as well as provide work and income.

Jon throwing hay around


Andy and Carrie Redman