Adventures of Spot and Peggy Sue

This weekend we added a new couple to the farm....Spot and Peggy Sue. Spot is a little on the large size, somewhere over 600 pounds and Peggy Sue is a little more petite. 

Spot and Peggy Sue are our new breeding pair of pigs. 

Spot the Big Pig

Spot arrived on Saturday evening. Sunday morning around 5 am Rebekah's dog was barking like crazy on the front porch. I went out a couple times to tell Sadie to quiet down. 

I went back to bed and had no sooner hit the pillow before she started yapping again. This time I took a cup of water to encourage her to be quiet. This time she refused to stop. Hubby came out about that time to see what she was barking for...and probably why I was yelling at Sadie to be quiet:)

About that time we watch Spot walk by in the yard and Sadie tries to climb over the porch rails to tell him to go back to his pen. Of course Sadie is only 35 pounds of Border Collie compared to Spots 600+ pounds of big boy pig! 

Peggy Sue the Pig

Hubby gets a banana while I wake a few other boys to help get Spot back in the pen. Did he break out? Of course not! We have electric fence. Spot found that the gate was not electric and decided to remove the gate from the post. 

The guys walked Spot back to his home and electrified the gate. Sunday afternoon Peggy Sue joined Spot and they are happy to be together again. 

Come spring we will have lots of piglets. If you are looking for non-GMO pork, let me know! 


Andy and Carrie Redman