From Snowmen to Swimming in the South

The weather this winter has been a little crazy. We had a warm start and a warm end with a few cold spells in between. We did have snow 3 times, but nothing very exciting. 

The weather is not the only crazy thing around her. Our schedule has been enough to make even my head spin. 

Korpu's pizza

Noah's Pizza!

In the last two weeks Andrew has been to New York and North Carolina for work, the oldest five children traveled to Indiana to ski, three of my children did some house-sitting for a week for a family we know, we celebrated Valentines and Rebekah's birthday, I collected and turned in our co-op's order for Walton Feed, Azure and honey and we are preparing for our breeding pair of pigs to arrive tomorrow! 

Rebekah's birthday

While Andrew and the big kids were gone, the little ones and I made some fun creations with marshmallows and toothpicks. Jubilee on the other hand, ate more than she built with.

Marshmallow Fun!

Marshmallow Fun!

Jubilee and the marshmallows!

In between all of the major things, we have completed school work, Bible study, chores and bookkeeping. 

Rachel and Micah out for a stroll

Today it is 60 degrees and beautiful outside. While I take a few minutes to update on the blog, Rachel and Micah have been outside talking a walk, Rebekah has the little ones out in Sadie's pool and Josiah has the boys out working to prepare the ground for planting. 

Sadie swimming!

We are getting ready for spring!!

Andy and Carrie Redman