Home Alone...Well Kind Of

This has been a crazy week. Hubby is traveling on business, the oldest 5 went up north to go skiing for a few days and I am home alone...with 10 kids 14 and under. 

Ski Trip in Indiana

The older kids headed north on Sunday morning. Hubby and I braved Sunday School and Church with all the kids, showered, dressed and on time. After church we hit Subway for lunch. $21 and some Subway points and we fed the crew! 

Monday morning we were up early to drop daddy off at the airport. After the airport we braved the Dekalb Farmers Market for a box of white grapefruit.Oh the things we will do for yummy grapefruit! 

Titus on his grapefruit box

Gideon juicing grapefruit

On the way home the kids and I were in a little car accident. We stopped at a light and the lady in the BMW behind us did not...enough said! Thankfully we were not hurt, and reason #1009 I love my big van, my big van was not hurt! The car behind us hit the trailer hitch...and hard I might add. Hard enough to punch the hitch completely through the front of her car. I had a little white paint on the hitch, but that was all. 

Much needed nap after the airport

Of course the children were a bit shook up after the accident. Just the crunch sound was enough to rock their nerves. So after we chased...well sort of...the lady down. She decided to leave the scene and then changed her mind and pulled over...I thought the kids and I needed a little lunch before we headed home. 

We pulled into CiCi's Pizza and had lunch. Now I just have to say my kids, especially the 14 and under crowd, can eat their weight in pizza. After we paid and sat down I went over the pizza buffet rules. 

Kids at CiCi's Pizza Buffet

1. Use your manners. 

2. Only take what you are going to eat. 

3. Remember if you eat too much you will get a tummy ache. 

4. Take a clean plate eat time you go through the buffet. 

5. Don't touch the food in the buffet line...only your food! 

Jubilee at CiCi's Pizza Buffet

I must say they all did a great job. The boys helped dish the little ones, no one over-ate, we cleaned every plate of food we took and we had lots of fun! I even had pizza with jalapenos on it!

Rachel with a sweet friend on the slopes


So today the older kids arrive home. We are looking forward to hearing about their adventures and will be very glad to have them home. One of the positives about their trip this week is hubby and I were able to challenge the younger ones, particularly the middle children, to take charge, be leaders and work hard. Sometimes they are just consumers while the older kids are the producers. Now we have been reminded that the middle kids are capable of so much more!  




Andy and Carrie Redman