Are You Flexible??

I am a planner. I love calendars, schedules, to-do lists and advanced planning! My hubby on the other hand is not a planner. Lets just say he is spontaneous! 

Early in our marriage I tried to stick strictly to the calendar, but his spontaneity eventually rubbed off a bit. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't see myself as a stick in the mud...though he probably did:) I would argue that I could be free spirited as well. 

 Me and Rachel in 1992

So my fun-loving hubby came home one day with a challenge that changed me to this day. We all know how I love challenges...probably why I married him to start with:) 

At the time we were a young married couple with a newborn baby. When I came home one day from doing errands, hubby said we are going camping. To which I replied "fun! when?" This is where it gets good.....

The W. family has invited us and we need to leave (for a whole weekend, mind you, with a baby) in an hour! I knew at that moment I had two choices, protest and miss the adventure (and probably be labeled inflexible forever) or go with it! I started packing and we had so much fun. 

To this day I remember the stress I felt come over me as I thought about all the possible things that could go know what if I forgot sometime!?!

It turned out to be a great weekend, well except for the migraine I had, but thankfully we were camping with an anesthesiologist who had some meds to help. We packed a pack n play for baby Rachel, only to find out she would rather sleep in the sleeping bag next to us. What wonderful memories. Memories I would have missed if I had not been flexible. 

24 years and 15 children later the inside joke is mom is so flexible she is double jointed! This season has been like that. Lots of sickness. Nothing major, just colds, but long lasting colds that are hitting one or two people at a time. This has been going since Thanksgiving. Add in hubby's travels for work, me trying to study, plan a big vacation, remodel the basement, homeschool, older children traveling and working, cooking, laundry, etc. 

Some days I have to remind myself the to-do list for day is only a goal. What doesn't get done today can always be put on tomorrow's list! You sure wouldn't have heard me say that 24 years ago! 


Andy and Carrie Redman