Sewing, Skype and Little Cowboys

This week the weather has warmed up a little bit. The kids have headed back outside as soon as they finish their school work. 

Today Rachel taught Abigail to hand sew. Her motivation...working herself out of the job of hemming and mending. I learned years ago that if you teach the children to work, you can work yourself out of a job. I have now moved into management!

Rachel and Abigail sewing

Abigail has been stitching letters, shapes and is now onto adding lace to a beautiful pink piece of material. One downfall....every adult that has walked through the dining room has threaded the needle at least once, but she is learning quickly. 

Rachel is working on putting a warm liner in her infinity scarf for an upcoming snow ski trip. 

Skyping with daddy

Last night the kids and I talked to daddy on Skype. They had so much fun. This morning Titus asked if he could talk to daddy at work on the laptop. 

Micah in his overalls

And of course we can't have a blog post without a picture of little cowboy Micah. Can you believe those eyelashes?? He has started eating food over the past couple weeks and is loving it! He loves avocado,sweet potatoes, apples, mangoes, and squash. 

Andy and Carrie Redman