End of Good Times...New Beginnings

Today is my hubby's last day with Citrix Systems. He has been there a little over four years and has enjoyed every minute....well most every minute! Citrix has been an amazing company to work for. We were provided great benefits, flexible schedule and some of the nicest employees to work with. When Jubilee and Micah were born his co-workers sent gifts to the babies.

I loved going into the office for lunch with Andrew and chatting with everyone. We are both sad that he is leaving...but also excited about the future. 

So why leave? The Lord has provided a new opportunity to grow his skills and advance both his career and his abilities. So it is onto new horizons...specifically New York! No, we are not moving to New York...thankfully. Andrew's new company is located up north, but thankfully he can work remotely from North Georgia.Citrix Award

And a little bragging on my hubby...

In the few years he worked at Citrix, he moved up to principal engineer faster than anyone in the company. He was nominated and won many awards and bonuses and was loved by his customers, employers and co-workers alike. 

We are praising the Lord for this wonderful new opportunity and looking forward to the days ahead. 

Andy and Carrie Redman