Fourteen Appointments...Two Days

It's that time again...time to get our teeth cleaned! Twice a year we get our teeth cleaned at the local dentist. I schedule six appointments on one day and eight the next morning. 

The day started yesterday with with a quick breakfast, getting the little ones ready and out the door by 8:30. We started our appointments two at a time, while the rest sat at the little table and chairs working on school books. Micah ended up entertaining himself in the Georgia Bulldog beanbag. 

Kids at the dentist 

By the end of day one the kids were ready to head home and get some energy out. Thankfully it has been cold and they were able to move some firewood to the house!

Day two...same time, same location, except we had to do the musical car dance to get Jordan to the dentist then to work and Jon to the dentist then to work. Rachel ran to several stores for me looking snow gear for the older kids. As we finished the hygienist asked if all the children had been seen. 

Kids at the dentist

Jubilee said she hadn't. Our dentist usually starts the kids at 3 years old, unless they need it. Of course when she asked to be seen they were all happy to oblige. This is after Titus has talked the ear off the hygienist that cleaned his teeth. 

Jubilee sat so still and was such a big girl. The dentist counted her teeth, cleaned them and then let her squirt mommy with the sprayer! 

Jubilee at the dentist

So now we have four children that need wisdom teeth removed, four that are seeing the orthodontist in March, a few small fillings and another appointment in 6 months!