How to Organize Your Menu

Do you get tired of eating the same meals week after week? Do you feel at a loss when you go to make a grocery list? I do! As I was getting ready to make my, much overdo, grocery list written down I decided to try something new. 

I love 3x5 cards. I think I get it from my grandma, who writes everything on 3x5 cards. 

Today I took 3x5 cards and made each one a different category...chicken, beef, pork, international, soups, sandwiches, quick meals, etc. 

Organized Menu Planning

Under each category headline I lists our most common meals. Sometimes a meal may fit on two different cards. 

Then when I went to make my grocery list and menu for the next two weeks, I was able to quickly pick meals from each card. It also makes it easy to spread out the meats so we don't have all chicken or all beef on the menu. 

My 3x5 cards are also helpful when I go to the grocery store and see one kind of meat for sale. If chicken is on sale, I can look at my card and pick a few different meals..easy as 1-2-3. 

How do you make your weekly menu?

Andy and Carrie Redman