Mom Gets Pulled Over for Stealing Gas

Last night I met hubby in town for a quick bite to eat. After dinner I reminded him I needed fuel before we headed home. He offers to follow me to the station and pump my gas for me. So across the street we go to the Murphy gas station to fill my van. 

I get out and put my debit card in the pump, type in my zip code and pick up the pump. Hubby gets out of his car and comes over to pump it for me. So I jump back in the warm van with the baby. 

Hubby finishes filling the van, hung up the pump, we said goodbye and I left. He headed home and I ran by CVS to pick up a prescription and some cough drops. 

At CVS I got out of the van with the baby and headed inside. We purchased a few things, got our prescription and came back out to the van. After buckling the baby in and turning on the van a guy taps on my drivers window. 

Mom's Van

At first I wasn't sure about opening the window. It was dark outside and the cop had a jacket on covering his uniform. Once I saw his badge I rolled down the window to see what he wanted. 

The officer said,"Ma'am we just received a call that you filled up your van at the gas station and drove off without paying." 

I explained to him that I had just purchased gas with my card at the pump and my husband had pumped it for me, but I know I swiped my card and put in the number before we pumped. 

He then asked for my license and said wait here. Not like I was going anywhere...there was a cop car with lights on parked behind the van blocking me in:) 

So he took my license and went back to his car. When he came back he asked if I would accompany him back to the gas station to sort this all out. 

I said sure and he said he would follow me. 

Back to the gas the way I drove the speed limit the whole way with the officer behind me...even signaled and stayed in my lane:)

When we arrive at the gas station the officer came up to my window again and said the gas station employee had since watched the security video and realized it was not my van, but a van similar who had stolen gas. 

Of course my family had a good laugh!! 

Andy and Carrie Redman