Sickness in a Large Family

When people ask me how we do this or that...I say just like you only on a larger scale. Well sickness is no different. When one gets sick, they all get sick...even when the "all" is 17 people. 

In October we started with a stomach bug which came and went until we were on vacation in North Carolina in November. Then the colds started. 

We have now had the sinus, respiratory, cough, runny nose, pink eye junk running for around 3 weeks. While I avoided the stomach bug, for which I am very thankful, I did not fare so well with chest cold. In fact I was a bit down and out...even in bed a few days with this one. 

So by week three, three kids with small fevers, a toddler (or two or three) with runny noses, eight goopy eyes and life just goes on.

Micah and the beautiful eyelashes

Just like you, some days we just slow down and rest and some days we just keep going. Laundry and meals still need done, between cuddling and rocking sick babies that is.  

I did make it to the chiropractor twice this week and that has made a huge difference in my healing process. 

So as I sit here typing with the smell of peppermint essential oil wafting through the room, toddlers coughing in the background, and a baby that just wants to be held, I will thank the Lord for my larger-than-most size family. 

Rachel resting

On the lighter side...

Friday I took Abigail, Titus, Jubilee and Micah to The Little Clinic in town to get a prescription for the eye infection that is running between people. I had the same annoying, and somewhat painful, eye infection last week, which was then passed to Micah and eventually to all the children under the age of 8. I used the medication that I had for me and Micah, but needed more for the rest of the troops.

At The Little Clinic we saw the nurse and the physician's assistant. After the nurse checked their weight, height and temperatures, Titus looks at me and whispers, "She is so nice! I like her!" After our appointment we came back into the lobby. The nurse again spoke with us, thanking us for coming and commenting on how much she loved the children. Titus then invited her to come over for dinner, informing her we would be having pizza tonight! 


Andy and Carrie Redman