Enjoy Every Day

Recently I sat down to write down my goals for the coming year. I have a list of books I want to read, organizing I want to accomplish and things I want to teach my children. I am also working to finish my studies my year. 


As I think through this year I want to enjoy each day. As moms we can become so busy with life, laundry, cooking, cleaning and some days just surviving, that we forget to enjoy the journey. 

Micah relaxing on the sofa

When I look at my older children I realize how quickly they grew. When I look at Titus, Jubilee and Micah I remember how it seems like only yesterday when Rachel, Jonathan and Jordan were that size. I also see areas where I can improve in my training. 

Jonathan and Micah hanging out together

As 2016 progresses I want to learn to take time each day to just enjoy the day, enjoy my children, enjoy the blessings the Lord has provided. 

Jubilee's new hat

I want my husband and children to know how much I value them. I want to be a servant!

Micah and his daddy

Andy and Carrie Redman