Here's to a New Year

It is hard to believe today is the first day of a brand new year. Andrew and I are very excited about some of the many changes coming to our large family in 2016. 

Redman Family 2015 

2015 was a year filled with laughter, tears and lots of memories. 

The year started off and ended with Andrew and the boys working hard at each of their respective jobs. Some of the boys have changed jobs and added new jobs this year, but the calendar still looks crazy with numerous work schedules each week. 

In February I flew to Oklahoma to spend time with my mom and grandparents for a weekend. We had a wonderful time eating out and shopping. 

We enjoyed visits from a couple aunts, an uncle and some cousins, as well as my mom which came to stay with us this year. In turn we made numerous trips to visit friends in Tennessee. 

Jonathan, Jordan and Josiah traveled with Mercy International to Port a Prince Haiti. While staying in the Merci’ de Dieu Village in Gressier, Haitti the boys were able to work on practical projects like building bunk beds for families, teaching in VBS, helping with medical needs and loving on the little children there. 

Haiti with Mercy International

Baby Micah was born healthy and happy in July. We had a wonderful birth and it is such a joy to see him growing each and every day. 

In August we found out that Andrew had a very serious blood clot in his leg, likely caused from a knee injury he had earlier this year. We are very thankful to the Lord for the healing of Andrew's injury as well as clots. 

Unfortunately we lost our two Great Pyrenees dogs this year (Rags and Sammie). It was a blessing though that the Lord provided Rebekah with a new puppy to raise. Sadie is...well...she is a puppy, but she is a wonderful addition to the farm family. 

Josiah started a aquaculture facility this year and is growing some great looking fish. Soon he will begin to use the fish water to grow produce. 

We have seen a long list of doctors this year including the obstetrician, two orthopaedists, physical therapist, eye doctors/specialist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, dentist, pediatrician, neurodevelopmentalist and natural family doctor. Sometimes I feel like all I do is travel to and from appointments! 

My CASA has been very rewarding this year. Two of my cases have into a wonderful adoptive home and one family was reunited with their children. I have two cases that I am still working through right now.

As our year came toward an end, we enjoyed a week in North Carolina on the beach. It was very relaxing to get away from everyday life and focus on our relationships with each other.

Now as we enter into a new year we are very excited to see what the Lord has for us! 

Andy and Carrie Redman