Family Makes a Heart Glad

In 1999, Andrew and I moved 1300 miles away from family and friends. In 2001, we moved 2200 miles from my hometown to the south. Overall it has been a wonderful place to live, but I do miss my family. So when they text and say they are coming to visit in a few days, I get very excited!


Baldwin Fire Department

My mom and my aunt came to visit for five days and we had so much fun! We went shopping, ate far to much, stopped in at Jordan and Josiah's fire station and invested lots of time laughing, singing and even a little dancing to silly songs.

Noah at the Mall of Georgia

I have always told my family that the children don't want things from Grandma and Grandpa; they want to know that Grandma and Grandpa love them and want to invest time with them.

Jubilee at the Mall of Georgia

It was fun to watch Jubilee and Titus love on Grandma and Aunt Judy! Oh the wonderful memories we made together.

 Kids at the Mall of Georgia





Andy and Carrie Redman