Broken Bones, Loose Teeth and Precious Babies

Sorry I have been so quiet on here lately. It is not because I don't think about blogging or that I don't have enough content to type plenty of posts. It all comes down to setting aside time to sit down at the computer and actually do it!

Josiah is still healing from his injury caused by the motorcycle accident. He is seeing an orthopedist and will be going to the chiropractor this week as he continues to heal.

Josiah's broken foot

We moved Josiah's bed downstairs to the living room so he doesn't have to maneuver the stairs. He is using a wheelchair and crutches to get around. As he begins to feel better it makes it all the more difficult to stay off his foot and rest it. Thankfully he has had a few friends stop by to keep him company....watching movies, playing cards or just chatting for awhile.

Game night with friends

Watching movies

Last night the children were playing animals in the living room and Jubilee fell and knocked a tooth loose. Once we got her calmed down I could see it was knocked forward. She finally went to bed last night with the help of a little ibuprofen. This morning she woke up saying her tooth hurt. She didn't want anything except yogurt for breakfast, but by the time we made it to church she at the cookie grandma brought her. Tomorrow we will make a quick visit to the dentist to see if there is any damage.

Jubilee playing in the mud

I feel like all I do is head from one doctor to another. Micah has a bacterial infection and was showing signs of reflux this past week. I took him to our family doctor and he gave us a homeopathic antibiotic. Thankfully Micah is doing better with no more vomiting.

Micah's lion pajamas

The good news of the week is my mom and aunt are coming to visit this week! I am so excited to have them come visit. We are looking forward to lots of fun as well as James' 14th birthday.

Micah's fuzzy blanket


Andy and Carrie Redman