Potty Training...Again

This last week Jubilee told me she wanted some panties with butterflies on them. She said if I bought them she would use the potty. Being a new two year old, I was optimistically cautious.

Jubilee Faith

I purchase her new Paw Patrol panties and a little potty, thinking this might be less threatening than the big potty.

Jubilee Faith

She loved it, thanking me again and again...how many times has she used it? Once! One time, but it is not a complete loss because Titus started using the little potty and it has been great for him.

My potty training experience over the years is boiled down to this simple rule. Wait until they are ready and there is no real potty training that has to happen; they just do it!

Titus Jackson

Titus was no exception. One day he decided to wear underwear and use the potty and from that day on he did. However he is all boy and what I mean by that he is going at the speed of light from the time he gets up in the morning until he falls asleep at night. Of course when he is playing he doesn't always think to come in and use the potty until the very last minute...no I take that back it is usually the last second.

If I had a nickel for every time I cleaned up the puddle in front of the toilet, I would be rich! By the way, I keep a package of cleaning wipes in the bathroom under the cupboard, which has saved me many trips to the kitchen to get cleaning supplies before I use the bathroom. I love this funny I saw online this last week...pretty much sums it up in my home!

Potty Training Boys

So, now Titus has a smaller potty that he can use in a hurry. He feels like a big boy that can do it himself and I don't have to clean as many puddles. We both win!

Of course then I send him yesterday to use the potty in the bathroom after he comes in from playing out on the playground for the afternoon and he says he already went. I asked how he could have gone; he has been outside for quite a while playing. He says because he snuck the potty out to the playhouse so he didn't have to come in to use it. Smart boy, but a little devious!!

Titus Jackson