Security, Cameras and Night Duty Times Two

Friday night when Josiah and I arrived in Tennessee the other children had been working since 8 am. Rachel was exhausted taking pictures, coordinating her photography team and helping to set up.

She had been up since 2 am and was running low on energy.

Jonathan and Jordan started the day with an 8 am briefing with the Sheriff. They worked security duty for the event and enjoyed every minute!

Remembering WWII Security

The boys first security shift started at 9 pm and went til 3 am. They ended up working until close to 4 am and then drove out to the country home we were staying at.

Rachel and Josiah had to be in town by 7 am to finish setting up and Jordan had to be back on security by 9 am.

We only had two vehicles in Tennessee and much like our daily life here in Georgia there was a juggling of schedules. Before we left for Tennessee Rachel and I made a spreadsheet of everyone's work schedule for the weekend. We tried to coordinate trips into town and out of town.

Remembering WWII Newsboys

The little boys had a meeting at 9:15. They were paperboys, selling newspapers during and after the war. All four boys did an awesome job talking to people, selling papers, making change and keeping track of money and their schedule.

Rebekah worked the afternoon in the Café de Normandie selling ice cream, soda and beignets.

Remembering WWII Cafe de Normandy

Jordan was off duty for security again at noon and Jonathan was back on duty. Jordan picked up a few extra shifts throughout the day, while Jonathan also took pictures with the photography team. He and Rachel worked together like clockwork, getting all the photos that were needed. They had a great team working with them...many very accomplished movie producers, professional photographers, and more.

The reenactment was a huge success. Many veterans were honored for their service. The gospel was proclaimed to a huge crowd of people.

Remembering WWII Redman Family

After the reenactment was over, tear down and prep for dinner began. The evening ended with a USO show, dinner and the rain! What a great ending to a great day!

Remembering WWII Dinner

The rain started at toward the end of the show so the little ones and I headed to the van to watch the fireworks show. After the fireworks I headed back to the country with the kids. If was close to 10 pm in Tennessee. The kids were tired and so was I.

Jonathan and Jordan eventually brought Rachel, Josiah and Rebekah home and headed back to help run security again. They worked until after 2 am and then headed home to get some much needed sleep.

Remembering WWII Vets

Andy and Carrie Redman