My Big Smiley Boy

Micah had his two month appointment today at 8:30 am...2 hours away! What was I thinking? I can always claim that I had just given birth when I scheduled this appointment.

Unfortunately we hit traffic on the way. I am so thankful for a wonderful pediatrician's office. I called about 7:30 to say, we were most likely going to be a little late. As always they were gracious and said, "Just come on in!"

Micah smiling

I took Micah and Titus this morning, forgetting that Titus is 3 years old and potty trained. Oh, and when I say potty trained I mean....when he says he needs the potty you had better stop soon! Thankfully he made it all the way there before he needed to stop.

Micah smiling

Micah is now 12 pounds 8 ounces. He started out at the 50% and after a rough start to feeding he is back at 50%. Our pediatrician said, "I have no recommendations except keep doing what you are doing. He looks great!" Micah was smiling at the nurse and the doctor and everyone that would talk to him. He is quite the smiley little boy.

Micah smiling

I did schedule his 6 month appointment, but I made it a bit later in the morning.

Andy and Carrie Redman