Sewing and Educating the Soldiers

We are back to school and so far so good. Thankfully they have not forgotten too much from last year. Each morning after breakfast and chores we start with Bible reading and prayer.

The older boys have been doing our Bible reading with us and then everyone takes a prayer card and we work around the table; allowing everyone time to pray for one or two requests.

School Books 2015

We are using quite a bit of A Beka this year. One, because I like the structure and two, because the phonics is very helpful for a couple of my children that did not get an early start in learning. We are also using a fun handwriting course, Rosetta Stone for Spanish, typing and a few other things to supplement.

Sewing WWII Costumes

The older girls have been sewing WWII reenactment to come. The girls and I went to a local consignment sale and found this jacket for Titus. He was so excited! Don't mind Jubilee's chocolate chip cookie face. 

Titus and Jubilee


Andy and Carrie Redman