Shooting Up The Town

This summer was crazy at times, both in schedule and in the pocket book. July is especially bad with Noah and Korpu's birthdays on the 19th, Jordan on the 22nd, Jonathan on the 23rd, Rachel on the 31st and Jubilee on the 2nd of August Now Micah has joined the crew to start off the month of July with a birthday on the 13th.

This year Jordan turned 19 and Jonathan turned 21. The boys wanted to go play airsoft for their birthday, but by the time we started planning their birthday was already here. The boys wanted to invite a bunch of friends and their dad. Unfortunatly Andrew can't play because of his knee and his recent blood clots. Many of the boys friends are either in school (high school and college) and/or work, so we had to give them plenty of notice to get time off.

Airsoft Gang

I had found Groupon discounts for the whole group of guys to go. Have I mentioned how much I love Groupon!? We have used Groupon for meals, airplane flights, airsoft, gifts and more. If you haven't tried it yet, you should check it out. Makes a great gift for the hard to buy for as well.

Anyway, the boys had a great time playing airsoft and then dinner out. Two hours of shooting, strategy, sweat and fun. I am sure they will all be heading back again soon. Thanks SSAirsoft for a great time.

Andy and Carrie Redman