Headed Out on a Motorcycle...Ends Up in Jail

Two of my older sons are volunteer firefighters in a neighboring city. They have been faithfully attending training each week and started responding to calls over the last year. They also both ride motorcycles.

Jonathan painting the fence

Today was a beautifully sunny day and the children and I decided to work on painting the fence along the front of our property before our home is appraised this next week. The fence was a very large job...much bigger than I thought. Four of the children started out with brushes and 15 gallons of black fence paint.

Noah watching his brothers paint the fence

It wasn't long before they brought out the paint sprayer, air compressor and generator to make the job go faster.

BJ watching his brothers paint the fence

After lunch, Rachel, Micah and I decided to run into town to pick up Rachel's new glasses she ordered last week.

Rachel rocking Micah

While we were gone the boys got a fire call...third one this week (they rarely get fire calls...most are accidents and medical calls). One son did not have the car and he is currently working on his motorcycle, so he stayed to work on the fence, while the other son jumped on his bike and headed to the fire.

Josiah painting the fence


When he arrived at the address it was at the prison. The prison's laundry room caught on fire. The fire chief told my son to tell his mom that he left on his motorcycle and ended up in jail! Thankfully when the fire was out the guards let all the firefighters out of the prison gates! Unfortunately, the prisoners will be short on laundry this week, as much of their clothes burned today.

Jordan painting the fenceWell, the fence is not complete yet. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to finish painting the fence, put one son's motorcycle back together, frame the map on the living room wall and order family pictures to be hung on the wall heading upstairs. More pictures to come of all our crazy projects...


Andy and Carrie Redman