Mayfield Dairy Tour

I recently took the kids to Mayfield Dairy in Braselton, Georgia. We toured the the bottling plant and enjoyed ice cream from the dairy.

It has been about 12 years since we went over to Mayfield Dairy for a tour. Only a few of the older children remember the dairy. The boys enjoyed watching the trucks come in for milk testing, dump the milk and then be washed out. They also loved milking the giant cow on the way out!

Enjoying ice cream at Mayfield Dairy

Enjoying ice cream at Mayfield Dairy

The tour was fun for everyone...well Titus didn't think so at the beginning when they told him he would have to wear a hair net when walking through the dairy. We saw where the bottles are produced. We also learned that the electric bill at the dairy is $75,000 a month...made me fell better after our high summer bill last month.

Rachel with the camera at the beach

Unfortunately we don't have lots of pictures because cameras are not allowed in the dairy area.


Andy and Carrie Redman