Two Toddlers are Lots of Fun

Jubilee is turning one on the 2nd of August. Titus will be 2 1/2 years old on the same day. The two of them love to play together and often it is monkey see monkey do. 


 Jubilee and Titus playing in the yard

The other evening I took the little ones outside to play on their Fisher Price Little People Ride On. Titus began to put his feet up on the handle bars and of course his little sister had to try it too. 

Jubilee and Titus playing in the yard

Jubilee and Titus playing in the yard

We have been busy with birthday planning and shopping for the birthday group. Noah and Korpu have a birthday coming this Saturday, followed by Jordan on Tuesday and Jonathan on Wednesday. We have a little break for about a week until Rachel and Jubilee celebrate, with my dad's birthday in between the two girls. 

Jubilee playing on her Fisher Price Ride On

We have the little ones who want a big party, the big ones who don't want a big party...on top of all this we have quite a few other things on our plate right now. So, while I can't say much right now (my children read the blog), I will post lots of pictures and share the stories next week! 

Here are a few pictures of Gideon and Noah before and after their new haircuts. Some of the boys go to Sports Clips. We have a few ladies that do an amazing job at cutting the boys hair. 

Noah and Gideon before their haircuts

Gideon after his haircut

Andy and Carrie Redman